About Alive Market


Our mission is to motivate and inform the community about wellness and positivity with the highest quality essential oils and hemp CBD products. 

At Alive Market, we source only the highest quality and organic ingredients. Our products are 100% guaranteed pesticide and GMO-free. We lab test our hemp based CBD products for potency, pesticide, microbial, metals and residuals. The living soil practices used on the hemp strains are natural, regenerative and sustainable. Our CBD oil is never derived from the stalks of industrial hemp, but rather the flowering buds on American grown hemp strains. The hemp strains are then processed into a distillate oil and then mixed with organic MCT Coconut Oil. All of the cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins and  minerals remain in the products making a full spectrum CBD oil for synergistic affects.  

Our pure essential oils are therapeutic-grade, organic and Vegan certified. These plant based natural terpenes have enormous beneficial affects including relaxing, energizing, immune support and overall mood enhancement !

For every family and lifestyle, our wellness products provide harmony between the mind, body and the environment to create a well rounded experience for all. Activate the body, activate the mind, Alive Market.

When you shop at Alive Market you are supporting clean agriculture farming!