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"Best CBD Products!"
"I have been using this CBD tincture for years now and love it! Between the effectiveness of the product and the overall organic approach of the company, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I experience back pain relief as well as a general sense of relaxation. Highly recommend!" - Alex Jones
Alex Jones
Verified Customer
"CBD That Actually Works"
"I have been using Alive Market CBD Oil for over a year. It has been fantastic for the arthritis pain in my hands. I do just one dropper daily and have no more pain. Honestly unbelievable."
Lori W.
Verified Customer
"CBD Products that changed my life!"
"After using Alive Market CBD Oil consistently for a week, I noticed a significant change in my chronic pain areas. I was able to sleep with little to no pain for the first time in a long time. I have and will recommend these products to family and friends. "
Edith K
Verified Customer

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Founders Of Alive Market

About Us

Our Story Is Simple!

Alive Market was founded by Josh and Nicole, a married couple from the east coast who moved to San Diego and became obsessed with the quality of hemp and CBD products. In 2015, Nicole and Josh moved to San Diego in pursuit of a healthy organic lifestyle. After losing more than 100-pounds combined by eating organic healthy food, having an active lifestyle, and using high quality cannabis and CBD products Nicole and Josh decided to dedicate their lives to help and educate others.

In 2015 they entered the medical cannabis industry under Proposition 215 and S.B 420 operating a medical cannabis collective. During this time Josh and Nicole developed their passion and skills of working with the cannabis plant, products manufacturing, but most importantly working with the medical patients. They discovered the benefits of whole-plant hemp and cannabis products very quickly which lead them to the creation of Alive Market. 

How We Started Alive Market

During 2017 Josh and Nicole Founded Alive Market with the idea of creating the worlds best CBD products that actually work! They designed each product with their family and friends in mind. They wanted it to be simple, pure and organic. Each ingredient in each product is beneficial to the body; no additives, no BS.

Their story isn’t all about the products though, it has to do with soil. Seems kind of silly, what does Alive Market have to do with soil you may ask? EVERYTHING! High quality hemp products starts in the soil. The inputs that are put into the soil are food for the animals, bugs and microorganisms that in turn, feed the plants. By keeping the soil ALIVE, clean and free of pesticides and contaminants, Alive Market’s products are more nutrient dense and have a higher cannabinoid and terpene profile. Next time you pick up some of Alive Market’s products you can feel thankful for supporting clean agriculture.

In July of 2018 Alive Market purchased their own 10-acre flagship farm located in Sage California (Riverside County). At their own farm Josh and Nicole practice responsible, regenerative agriculture by using compost, compost teas, cover crops, companion planting, soil amendments, predatory mites and much more. Follow along with Josh and Nicole as they continue develop their farm!

Why Alive Market?

Are you looking for the best CBD products and highest rated and best reviewed CBD company? Well, welcome to Alive Market. Since 2017, we have been providing the highest quality full spectrum CBD products that include: CBD tinctures, CBD body butters, CBD roll ons, CBD capsules, CBD smokable hemp flower and organic certified essential oils to great people like you!


Typically, when you are looking for a new CBD brand to trust, you will want to look into the quality of the products and company. Doing your research ahead of time can save you a lot of time, money, and stress.  Above all, we are proud to have over 300 5 star reviews and being sold or recommended by over 100 doctors. In other words, Alive Market will eliminate any second guessing you may have! We know you are busy and that’s why we are open until 4pm every weekday and open on Saturdays to answer any questions over the phone or to welcome you at our fall brook location.

Find Us Locally In Fallbrook

Serving customers first is what we believe in,  either over the phone, at a local event or at our store, Alive Markets team will put you and your questions or concerns first. We have a fully stocked store that was created for you to make the most of your time. Our store in Fallbrook has every product that we offer online as well as free samples available for you to try. Samples and options are a big benefit at our store.


We are located in Fallbrook, California which is in North County San Diego. In addition, we also ship to all 50 states. When choosing the best CBD product that works for you, it starts with your goals. After we learn why you are exploring CBD for the first time, looking for the right brand, or have been a long time customer who is exploring new options, our team will guide you to the right product that will work best for your goal.

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation at our Fallbrook location in which an expert in CBD will meet you, listen to your expectation and goals, and offer you samples of the products we would recommend. If you know exactly what you are looking for, we offer free pick up you can order online and we ship the next business day. 


You can find Alive Markets booth at local farmers markets, street fairs or trade shows throughout the year.  We set up a huge bright green branded tent and a beautiful display of our high quality CBD products and offer FREE samples! Even though these events are busy we still put you and your questions first! We will give everyone the time to ask all the questions you have!

Our Customers Always Come First

We also have a huge commitment to making you’re shopping experience as easy as possible.. Having an easy to use online store and website is great and very helpful, but we take it up a notch and offer over the phone ordering! Each product is created and packaged carefully to be ready to ship the next day.  We also use state of the shipping software that can show you exactly where your package is and notify you upon delivery. 


Our team here at Alive Market is second to none. All of our staff is here to serve others first and love people. When it comes to your CBD products, rest assured that you have people that know a lot about CBD, the endocannabinoid system, and finding the right product that works for you waiting to help you . Putting people first is what we believe in.


If you are in the market for full spectrum CBD products, we would love to meet with you or speak with you. We can help you choose the right products for you and have an amazing experience in the process. We have been around for over 3 years serving all 50 states and are the highest rated and most reviewed CBD company in town. Our staff is ready to serve you in many ways. Don’t take our word for it. Check us out online to see our 5-star reviews. We have very competitive pricing and are transparent with you from seed to order. 


Please check us out online at or come visit our store at 616 E Alvarado st, Ste B Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can also call our office at 858-519-8390 and our friendly staff will help answer your questions and help you reach your goals.