What could you do to calm your dog down from getting scared and anxious because of fireworks? We have 7 tips to keep your dog calm during the fireworks.


We all know that fourth of July is a fun and exciting day to spend with your family and friends, but it could be very stressful for your dog.



Around this time of year your fur babies get the most anxiety and struggle to stay calm when hearing those loud fireworks.



1. Get your dog used to the sound of fireworks.

Leading up to 4th of july, get your dog used to fireworks by playing recordings of fireworks on your computer or TV every day to make the loud noises familiar. Introduce these sounds with a low volume, gradually turning up the sound as they become more comfortable with it.


If they seem scared, turn down their exposure before giving another try and get them excited about a toy instead. When you turn the volume up, praise them with treats and positive words of encouragement.

2. Tire them out

Tucker your pup out before the fireworks come start so they have less anxiety and stay relaxed. The best way to tire out your dog is by going on long walks especially in the morning.


Sometimes you need something a bit more intense to tire them out and have them all relaxed for when fireworks go off. Taking your dog on a hike or a swim and even playing a game of tug of war can help.

3. Give your Dog CBD

A great way to help your dog relax during fireworks is by giving them CBD oil. It’s a natural alternative that won’t make them drowsy or dizzy like some other traditional options, and it can be used for various purposes as well!


An hour before the fireworks start, give them some CBD! It will help calm your pet’s nerves and make their experience more enjoyable.

4. Make sure their tags are up to date and collars are secure

Dogs are very sensitive to loud noises, especially those of fireworks. It’s common for them to try and escape out of fear. July 5th is the one day a year where shelters see an influx of missing pets. Animal shelters spend most of the day trying to reunite pets with their frantic owners.


A dog with easily accessible contact info can make all the difference when it comes to stopping your dog from getting lost. All you need is a collar and ID tags, but be sure they are properly fitted so that your pup will not slip out of them during his adventures

5. Make your dogs environment calm

A calm environment is a calm pup.If possible, bring your dog to a friends or relatives house where there aren’t fireworks in the neighborhood. If that’s not an option, it’s best to keep your dogs inside.


If they’re in a safe environment and all their windows and curtains are closed then the chances are they wont hear the fireworks as much. The best way to help your anxious dog is to consider taking it into another room where there is dim or little lighting.


Another way is to bring your pup into a basement or crate if you have one to make them feel comfortable.

6. Provide a fun distraction

Playing with your furry friend is always a fun time. You can grab some of their favorite toys and engage in an exciting game for the evening!


If your dog gets scared by loud noises such as fireworks, distract them with squeaky toy or other noise like TV’s sound (or music).

7. Invest in a pressure wrap/vest to keep your dog calm during the fireworks

The new go-to solution for the most anxious of dogs is pressure wraps! These innovative products use acupressure and a constant, maintained pressure to release stress. Pressure wrap also lessens fear in dogs as well as anxiety, shyness or hyperactivity.


The Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap from Amazon will be sure to provide your dog with comfort while relieving their discomfort – try it today!