The Connection Between CBD and Gut Health

Written By: Kevin James Fitzpatrick



Gut health is essential to your overall health. The gut is considered by many to be our second brain as it is directly connected to our enteric nervous systems. Importantly, CBD has a direct connection to your gut health. Firstly, the gut uses the same receptors, neurons and neurotransmitters that the central nervous system uses. Your brain and gut are in constant communication with each other which influences everything about the human body. Secondly, gut health affects you from how we think and how you respond to stress. 



It is widely believed that all the feel good neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine are made in the brain. However, scientists have also discovered that the gut is responsible for producing the bacteria needed for chemicals such as GABA, serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine to be in our bodies. In addition, when the gut creates these neurotransmitters they travel all the way from your stomachs gi tract up into your brain. The gut processes all foods and liquids that are consumed and produce vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids and much more . In addition to this, over 70 percent of your immune system exists in your gut! Studies show CBD has a direct effect on gut health and function. Using CBD regularly will helps optimize digestion and aid in the creation of healthy bacterias and chemicals in the gut health.




Microbiome, GUT HEALTH and CBD
Many diagnosed illnesses today can all be directly related to how one’s gut health is functioning. Also, It is very common that many people are unaware of how unbalanced their gut health is. Many people are unaware that their gut microbiome is not making the healthy bacteria and chemicals needed in order to function properly and feel good. Consequently, poor gut health and digestive issues can have a negative effect on one being able to enjoy life. Although, scientific studies have shown positive results that CBD is great for helping gut health. CBD can help optimize many functions and connections to our gut. For example, CBD can manage stress  and inflammation from GI tract issues.
cbd for gut health
Scientists have proven how CBD interacts with our CB1 and CB2 receptors (endocannabinoid system, ECS) which promotes homeostasis, reduces inflammation , regulating discomfort, appetite and mood. Your body can be more balanced and improve gut function when you add CBD to your lifestyle. In addition, CBD can help aid digestive issues and the discomforts that come with an unbalanced gut microbiome . Because of CBD’s ability to lower cortisol levels, CBD can aid in gut issues. Due to the effects of CBD on the body’s functions that are directly connected to gut health, regular use of CBD greatly helps optimize a healthy microbiome.
What you can do to improve your GUT health 
  • You can eat more fermented foods such as yogurt (coconut yogurt is also a great alternative that is dairy free), pickles, kraut, kombucha and kimchi
  • It is important for your to take CBD! CBD is great for gut health as it helps manage stress and discomfort with gut health problems and symptoms, emotions and stress can trigger physical symptoms and discomfort with gi tract and many more ailments, CBD is great for aiding in recovery process
  • You should get enough sleep
  • Eat healthy fats. Your brain is intricately connected to your gut and thrives off of fats to function
  • Take prebiotic and probiotic supplements found at your health food store
  • Cut Sugar Intake
  • Increase Vitamin C