Our Happy Clients brag about us

Edith K. - Verified Customer

"After using Alive Market CBD Oil consistently for a week, I noticed a significant change in my chronic pain areas. I was able to sleep with little to no pain for the first time in a long time. I have and will recommend these products to family and friends. "

“ My dogs love Alive Market CBD Oil, it makes them very relaxed.”

​-Brielle Hinds

"My daughter is on the spectrum, and I use CBD to help her calm. I have use this for over a year. And it works. I love alive because it is good quality . I tell people about it all the time. "
Jen A.
"Delivery was quick and easy, will be ordering again."
Gerald J
"I have been using this CBD tincture for years now and love it! Between the effectiveness of the product and the overall organic approach of the company, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I experience back pain relief as well as a general sense of relaxation. Highly recommend!"
​Alex Jones
“I gave the Alive Market body butter to my father to help him with knee pain after a friend recommended it. This has helped him more than any over the counter pain reliever. Thank you!"
​Dawn W.
"I have been using Alive Market CBD Oil for over a year. It has been fantastic for the arthritis pain in my hands. I do just one dropper daily and have no more pain. Honestly unbelievable."
Lori W.
"I fall asleep so much easier thanks to Alive Market full spectrum CBD capsules."
Linda K.
"A company that I trust! They provide you with 3rd party testing which is important as there are a lot of companies that use synthetic ingredients. It works great for my anxiety and I always recommend them to my friends and family."
Laura V.
"The Alive Market CBD capsules are my absolute favorite product for lasting pain relief daily. They have made such a difference in my life. So many thanks."
Sara S
"I have been using the Alive Market capsules for 3 months now and am very pleased with the results. Top quality product at a great price!"
Joanie A
"I have nerve damage in my left foot and this oil relieves the shooting pains I suffered with almost every night. I no longer use anything else and do not need any pain meds."
​ Larry B
"Alive Market sells high quality, verified CBD products that work to relieve pain and other health issues. Boy do they! I have had great results and will continue to purchase products from Alive Market. Rest assured you will feel SAFE and SECURE when using this company's product line. Also, I found the staff to be very informative and helpful when calling in with questions about any of their products. Be sure to give them a try!!"
Nancy Sharkey
"Alive Market has consistently been the #1 selling CBD line at Peace of Earth, which comes as no surprise due the fact that our customers want an Organic CBD product that works! As a consumer of the products personally, I have been amazed at how well they work for me! The Body Butter has been my absolute “go-to product” for foot pain, relieving it within 15 minutes. Working with Nicole at Alive Market is a real pleasure...she truly cares about the wellness of her customers along with consistently supporting us as a retailer. Highly recommend for all your CBD needs!"
Laura Reed
Owner Peace of Earth, LLC
In love with everything about this brand starting with the owners. Their products come from a place of love, mindful intention and truly wanting the best for their customer. From the balm to the flower, their CBD products are amazing and effective. With the craze of the CBD trend these days, it’s important to find a brand that will truly support your needs and I trust that Alive Market is providing me with the best of the best."
Owner Organic Escape Skin
"I have used the CBD balm for sore muscles for myself, my husband, and my children. I love it so much! I have recommended this product and company to several people and every single one has loved it and ordered a few times. I will continue to recommend this company to anyone who is looking for CBD products."
Emily R
"You can’t deny the quality of these products. My pain is greatly reduced and I sleep better when I use Alive Market’s tinctures and body butter. I take the tincture before bed and use the body butter after a work out. I’ve also tried their soap and roll-on. The soap leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed and the roll-on alleviates headaches almost instantly! My new favorite is the pre-rolled hemp flower... I used to be a smoker and don’t smoke anything else anymore but I really enjoy how lifted I feel after smoking a little CBD :))) Highly recommended for overall wellness!!"
Amanda B
"Excellent, quality product. But more importantly, the owners, Nicole and Josh, are super kind and knowledgeable. They can answer any and all questions you might have. They live the healthy life style they promote. 100% recommend Alive Market!"
Liz Pollack
"I've used the CBD Cream of 600 mg on my hands and can Highly recommend this product for joint pain! I've been sending many people I know and meet through my group clubs to their website to check out their products are wonderful!"
Donna Cardell
"Using 1500mg unflavored tincture for a few weeks. I feel a difference when I don't use for a couple days. Pain, anxiety and mind are much better. I am waiting to see if anything happens with my eczema. Geez! I sound like a mess LOL. I am very happy with this CBD oil so far and will purchase again."
Gina Khorigian
"Love this CBD! The roll on has worked the BEST of anything I’ve tried to ease tense muscles and even fully relieve back pain!"
Stephanie Zito
"I love Alive market. High quality and best customer service. You can really see that the owners are very passionate about what they do and care about their customers."
Nikki Jensen
"I love the herbal CBD salve! It smells amazing and really helps with pain- especially menstrual cramps! My uncle loves it too!! I even used it on an excema flare up and it dramatically reduced the redness and burning!!!"
Martina Seeber