Hemp and Essential oil Terpenes

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are a broad class of organic compounds found in plant life that grant access to the scents and smells we come across everyday in nature. These aromas are paramount to the human experience. They inform us of our surroundings, they bring calm and relaxing sensations, and they can even transport us back to a moment in time via our memory and its attached sensory experience.


Terpenes Are Natural!

As humans we live life through this myriad of olfactory data and terpenes are the bedrock of how we experience these aromas. Like stoping to smell the roses or biting into a mango, Terpenes produce some of our favorite scents. For instance, the soothing essence of Tea Tree, or the invigorating scent of Citrus. We are drawn to not only single terpene profiles, but the combination of these natural components that create unique and diverse scents like the refreshing sap of Eucalyptus or the traditional musk of Frankincense.
Terpenes are the main constituent in Alive Market’s essential oils and the aromatherapeutic properties have been found to be highly effective in both the human and plant biome. Our essential oils are made up of highly concentrated plant terpenes to create a natural response in our bodies. These sensations vary from person to person and from oil to oil, but more often than not, people report a positive response, and that is a step toward helping the human race reconnect with nature in this fast paced technologically advanced world. Alive Market’s Essential oils can be your escape to a flower field from within the confines of your home, office or truly any setting that is missing a key element of nature! Enjoy all that this world has to offer with Alive Market Essential Oils.