About the Hemp Farm

Alive Market's CBD products are sourced from an American hemp farm that uses 100% natural and living soil practices.

The simplicity of nature is a beautiful thing! As humans, it’s important for us to connect with the way natural environments present themselves, especially in a time when agriculture has changed procedurally from nourishing practices to consolidated feeding methods. Now more than ever we believe that seeking the cleanest, most consciously grown materials for our products provides the opportunity for our customers to learn and enjoy in the benefits of essential oils and cleanly sourced CBD products in a well-rounded health-conscious manner.
To better understand the benefits of the plant, you must first understand its natural properties through its desired habitat. To create this organic environment, there are simple steps put in place to ensure healthy growth and a natural life cycle. With plants, we first look below the surface. In the soil, its microbial content is key to making nutrients available through the decomposition of organic matter, similar to natural processes that can be found in native soils all around the world. In these indigenous environments, A fungus like web called, Mycelium, stretches under the soil across a living mycorrhizal network to help botanical matter communicate and uptake nutrients in their surrounding habitat. This means that the soil is actually living and teaming with beneficial bacteria and give the plant an ideal environment to grow.
Organic farmers utilize the symbiotic relationship between homemade compostables and worms to recreate this process in a more efficient and conscious effort to bring the earth back to the plant. As organic materials breakdown naturally via decomposition the nutrients become more available. This is aided by specific types of worms that eat, digest, and excrete unprocessed compost and turn it into mulch at a much quicker rate. Compost has many uses in the garden, As a soil conditioner, a fertilizer, an amendment, and even a natural pesticide. Amongst these many benefits, compost is a healthy food source for microorganisms in the soil and creates a nutrient-rich environment for plant life to thrive.

What is No- Till?

There have been long traditions of unproductive practices in agriculture that consist of tilling or breaking up your soil after harvests. This alone breaks down the mycelium web and takes away from the potential health and vitality of nature itself. The CBD plants, that produces Alive Market's CBD oil, have healthy vibrant foliage and have shown the immense importance of no-till permaculture and regenerative farming practices. The connection between plant roots and fungal webs are crucial to the plants terpenes, foliage and root system.

100% FREE of Synthetics or Pesticides!

These applications firmly install the concept that building your soil is a much more natural and effective practice than treating your plant directly with bottled nutrients, synthetic soils, and pesticides. Those factors alone have changed the way people cultivate and are revealing the need to revert back to more consistent organic practices that mimic nature in its purest forms.

Clean flowers produce clean oil that you can taste!

CBD hemp flower, grown in American living soil, has a potent amount of terpenes and cannabinoids that produce a clean and amber colored CBD oil.

At Alive Market, by connecting with like-minded cultivators that take these extra steps towards returning to the earth and producing the cleanest and most natural product, we can bring our consumers the most health-conscious and cost-effective options for bettering their daily lives and learning more about the world around them at the same time.