About Alive Market

Our mission is to motivate wellness and positivity with the highest quality essential oils and Hemp CBD Products.

We must cherish our minds and bodies to be our best selves in this ever-changing world. To achieve this, a balance of a healthy mind and body through nature is necessary to tap into to the essence of life. Via nature you can activate your mind by seeking knowledge through exploration. To activate your body you can use that experienced gained to find a healthy balance internally. This homeostasis is not unlike that of a plants. We both need a diverse microbiome that keeps us feel healthy and aware. By providing beneficial bacteria in soil you create a living environment for its roots to thrive which in turns aids in the healthy growth of the plant itself. Out of this idea of living soil and symbiotic relationships between plants and humans, Alive Market was born.
Founded in 2016, Alive Market promises to educate the community about the importance of high quality essential oils and CBD. Our Products are 100% pure, therapeutic-grade, plant based, and domestically made. For every family and lifestyle, our wellness products provide harmony between the mind, body and the environment to create a well rounded experience for all. Activate the body, Activate the mind, Alive Market.