About Alive Market

Our Story


Our story is simple! Alive Market was founded by Joshua and Nicole, a couple from San Diego who became obsessed with the quality of CBD products. After Nicole's mother survived breast cancer in 2009, she continued to research CBD and cannabis. Nicole and Josh found such great interest in the power and benefits of CBD. To reach their high standards of quality they were committed to bringing a clean source of CBD products to this world. They spent years searching for a farm who practiced to their same beliefs. They designed each product with their friends and family in mind. They wanted it to be simple, pure and organic. Each ingredient in each product is beneficial to the body; no additives, no BS. Our story isn’t all about the product though, it has to do with soil. Seems kind of silly, what does CBD have to do with soil you may ask? EVERYTHING! High quality CBD products starts in the soil. The inputs that are put into the soil are fed to the plant and absorbed into the flowers. By keeping the soil ALIVE, clean and free of pesticides and contaminants, Alive Market’s products are more nutrient dense with a higher cannabinoid profile. While the ground where the plants were grown, are now more biodynamic and in a thriving environment. Next time you pick up a bottle of Alive Market CBD you can think of all the worms and lady bugs that has helped bring your life to ease!

Why Alive Market?

At Alive Market, we source only the highest quality and organic ingredients. Alive Market  is bringing it all back to the roots. With all natural and all organic plant-based therapeutics, Alive Market will provide individuals with safe and healthy products that have resounding medicinal effects. Alive Market believes in alternative and holistic approaches to enhance any lifestyle. In addition to becoming America's premier producer of organic hemp and essential oil products, Alive Market also prioritizes educational outreach. Our products are 100% guaranteed pesticide and GMO-free. We lab test our hemp based CBD products for potency, pesticides, microbial counts, metals, and residuals. The living soil practices used on the hemp strains are natural, regenerative and sustainable. Our CBD oil is never derived from the stalks of industrial hemp, but rather the flowering buds on American grown hemp strains, resulting in the highest quality product. The hemp strains are then processed into a distillate oil and then mixed with organic MCT Coconut Oil. All of the cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins and  minerals remain in the products. making a full spectrum CBD oil with synergistic effects.  

Our pure essential oils are therapeutic-grade, organic and Vegan certified. These natural, plant-based terpenes have enormous beneficial affects including relaxing, energizing, immune support, and overall mood enhancement !

For every family and lifestyle, our wellness products provide harmony between the mind, body and the environment in order to create a well rounded experience for all.

When you shop at Alive Market you are supporting clean agriculture farming!