Our Mission

“At Alive Market, we bring craft farm-to-bottle CBD products to your everyday life. Our simple, organic ingredients curate your experience to FEEL ALIVE.

Founders Of Alive Market

Our Story

Our Story is Simple! Alive Market was founded by Josh and Nicole, a married couple out of New Jersey who moved to San Diego in 2015 and became engrossed with the quality of Hemp and CBD products. After losing a combined 100-pounds with a new healthy lifestyle, exercising more, and using quality CBD products, Nicole and Josh realized their purpose was to help and educate others about how CBD is beneficial. 
In 2015, the two entered the medical cannabis industry under Proposition 215 and S.B. 420 operating a medical cannabis collective. It was during this time that Josh and Nicole developed their passion and skills of working with the cannabis plant, product manufacturing, but most importantly working with the medical patients. They discovered the benefits of whole-plant hemp and cannabis products very quickly which led them to establish Alive Market in 2017.

Alive Market was created with the goal of being the world’s highest quality farm-to-bottle CBD     and essential oil brand. From the packaging, by keeping it simple enough to understand while also looking professional to the also simple and certified organic ingredients, each product was designed with their customers in mind.. The packaging mirrors the products, as every ingredient in all our products are there for your benefit; no additives or BS. 

This story isn’t just about the products, however. When we say no BS, we mean it, all the way down to the soil of the seeds we plant. Josh and Nicole believe high quality Hemp starts from the soil up, so they make their own. In 2018, Alive Market purchased their flagship farm in Sage California to practice regenerative agriculture by using compost, compost teas, cover crops, companion planting, soil amendments, predatory mites, and much more. By growing their own hemp using these techniques, Josh and Nicole are able to practice their love of organic farming and also are able to share it with all of you! 

For Josh and Nicole, CBD is not about the profits. By practicing the farming they love, they are able to share true farm-to-bottle products with their customers for a competitive price. Alive Market is committed to bringing you the best hemp and CBD products, and will never sacrifice our quality or brand standards to make something cheaper. That is our promise to you, the customer. Our promise is simple, like our story and our products, and will forever stay that way. 

Best CBD products

Alive Markets Three Principles

1. The Science of CBD
Your body was created to create your own endocannabinoids naturally in a system called the endocannabinoid system (EDS). The EDS has been proven to balance your mind and body to homeostasis. Homeostasis is when your body achieves equilibrium. So when we design our products to have high quality plant derived cannabinoids such as CBD.

2. Simple Makes You Feel Alive 
What stays out of our products are just as important as what goes into our products. When reading the ingredients on our labels you will find a very short, simple and easy to read list.

3. Sustainability
SustaInability is what makes Alive Market a popular choice when choosing a CBD brand. Alive Market is a farm to bottle CBD brand that puts  sustainability and regenerative agriculture first.  Alive Market uses 100% renewable energy at our hemp farm by utilizing  water from our own well and the sun! Native plants are left in place for natural habitats for plants and animals. We practice closed loop systems on our farm and recycle all organic matter back into the soil it came from. We use compost, mulch and cover crops to save water! Alive Market uses living soil practices on our hemp plants! The soil has life, worms, bugs, root connections, companion plants, cover crops, bacteria and fungus! We plant cover crops and then reuse them as mulch when they get too big!

Our Farm

About 6 months before Josh and Nicole created Alive Market , they attended a cannabis seminar. They attend a few seminars each year to stay up to date with the latest research, farming techniques and the market, but this seminar in particular made a huge impact on the rest of their story. At the “Emerald Cup,” which is a 2 day cannabis event where they have seminars in a few different rooms on a few different categories, Josh and Nicole sat in the “Regenerative Farming” seminar the entire time. They listened to different farmers tell their story on how they started their farm and had beautiful photos of their plants, their happy cows, their juicy vegetables and their family fixing the soil. Josh, Nicole and most of the room shed happy tears and felt a rush of chills in amazement and gratitude. At that very moment Josh and Nicole found their purpose and what makes them feel like they are being of value to this planet. The thought of taking land and turning it into a regenerative farm that gives back to earth and their community motivated them to do this on their own. But Nicole and Josh were 21 and 22 years old and did not have enough savings to fulfill their dreams just yet. By starting with their brand Alive Market and creating high quality CBD products sourced from a no till living soil farm in Colorado, this gave them the momentum they needed to reach their  goal of becoming a farm-to-bottle CBD brand and owning their own regenerative farm. 


After growing Alive Market for two years, Josh and Nicole found a 10 acre property for sale that was empty. It was zoned agriculture which they needed, but there was no house, water, electricity, neighbors or even roads to get there. Also, it was a huge mountain. The view of Palomar mountain left them in awe, and they saw the potential, so they bought it. The well was drilled and could produce 60 gallons a minute, making it perfect to support the farm. The water tank was installed, and Josh installed a fence around the entire 10 acres by himself! There is still no electricity to the farm, but they use a generator for now! Josh and Nicole received their hemp license from the Department of Agriculture in the beginning of 2020. With their John Deer tractor, Josh cleared where we wanted to plant, they spread compost, cover crops, kelp, rock dust and hay for mulch, leaving the remaining native plants around the field. In just a few short months, and with the help of the rainy season, the cover crops grew tall and there was life! Lady bugs, butterflies, worms, bees, rollie pollie ollies, all kinds of birds and mushrooms call their farm home now. The soil is currently alive with microbes, fungi and bacteria and their farm is as beautiful as ever. In May 2020 Josh and Nicole sowed over 3,000 seeds and are currently getting the fields ready for their first planting in June! From their regenerative farm to their carefully handmade CBD products, Alive Market takes an organic and sustainable approach. Josh and Nicole are so grateful for all the support and loyal customers over the years who have helped them get this far. They will always keep you and your families in mind when taking care of their land for a better tomorrow.

Our Design

Just like the ingredients, our design is minimalist, simple, and effective. Nicole always wanted to be an interior designer when she grew up. After starting Alive Market, Nicole quickly realized her passion was in creating and designing the brand. She designs every label, box, brochure, flyer, sticker, poster, promotional material, coupon, email campaign, and entire website without the help of an outside consultant. Everything you see at Alive Market was created by Nicole. 
Nicole does not stop at designing though, as she also sources the bulk packaging and the base ingredients for each product. Each recipe was handcrafted by Nicole. She measures each base ingredient, mixes at the perfect temperature, and pours into each container. She then puts each label on, shrink wrap, boxes them and gets them ready for shipments. Alive Market has never been a private label or “white label” company, instead Nicole and her team work long nights and hand make each product to perfection. That is why the Alive Market brand is unique.

Alive Market CBD Store

Where you can find Alive Market

Alive Market is located at 616 E Alvarado st. Suite B Fallbrook, CA 92028. You can also find all of our products on our website alive-market.com. Alive Market has partnered with over 100 doctors across the United States that recommend and sell our products! Ask your doctor if they have our products available! You can also find us at farmers markets and events throughout southern California.


You have the option to receive your package through USPS or UPS! We offer free shipping on all orders over $50. Shipping takes 1-7 days depending on your location and the shipping you choose! 

All packages come in a cardboard box topped with our logo and packed with crinkle paper for extra protection and is then placed in white sealed bag. We fulfill all orders by hand! Its very rare that we make mistakes when packaging orders, but if we do, we want to thank you for your patience and will fix your order right away using priority shipping.

“Living with intention”

 Nicole Ghigliotty