How Terpenes Play a Role in Cannabis and Essential Oils

Written By: Alive Market CBD 

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic compounds found in plants that give off scents. Plants produce them to fend off insects like aphids. The most common terpenes smell like pine, lavender, or citrus and can be found throughout life on Earth.


Terpenes provide us with the scents we experience everyday, and can help calm down our emotions as well as bring back memories of positive past experiences.


The aromas we come across every day in nature are important to our human experience. They inform us of what is around, bring a sense of calm and relaxation, and transport users back through their memories associated with the smell they encountered at that time

terpenes found in cannabis

Terpenes Are Found in Cannabis

Cannabis and hemp plant contain a lot of oils that are secreted from the same glands they produce cannabinoids like CBD and THC. These aromatic oils are called terpenes and contribute to cannabis’ distinct flavor like citrus, berry, mint or even pine scents!


The development of terpenes are influenced by many factors, including climate and weather. Similar to other plants that produce strong scents, the purpose for developing these molecules was originally adaptive; it helped repel predators while luring pollinators. Though there are a number of different influencing factors on this process as well, cannabis has developed over time to need less environmental influences in order to create more potent fragrances than before – all thanks to its genetics!


Some of these terpenes have been shown to relax your body’s muscles by inhibiting signals that cause them contract. This makes you feel more relaxed after consumption than before. However, other terpenes can stimulate a person into feeling alert and awake again when they’ve started dozing off during their work day.

Terpenes Are Found in Essential Oils

The many similarities between terpenes and essential oils have led to a misconception that they are the same. Terpenes are an organic compound, found naturally on plants like basil or lavender. They give these botanicals their flavor and aroma while providing medicinal benefits too!


The most notable difference between terpenes and essential oils is that essential oils contain a variety of other plant compounds, other than just terpenes. Isolated terpenes are selectively removed from a plant and composed of just themselves.


Essential oils are extracted by a variety of methods but the most common ones for extracting essential oil from plants is either distillation or cold pressing.


Many people nowadays are turning to essential oils for their many health benefits, but also because they can help create a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the home. One way of doing this is by using them with diffusers that release soothing fragrances into your space.