History Of Essential Oils

The Importance Of Organic Essential Oils

The Importance Of Organic Essential Oils

The Importance Of Organic Essential Oils

By Molly McCarthy

One trait that you should always look for in essential oils is organic. Essential oils come from plant materials like leaves, roots, barks, seeds, and flowers. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and take quite a bit of plant material to create. For example, it takes about 50 lemons to make 1 tablespoon of lemon essential oil!

You will want to make sure that these natural materials have not been tarnished by synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, especially when such a large quantity of them are present in every bottle of essential oil!

Farmers will often use pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemical-based products to help protect their plants and make them grow. The issue with this is that these chemicals will be absorbed into the plants they are used on, and subsequently transferred into the humans that are using products made from these plants. Even if the plant materials are washed and cleaned, some pesticides may still linger.

Pesticides are hazardous and can be toxic to humans. They have been linked to certain types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more. Pesticides are created to be harmful to living things like insects, fungi, and more, so why wouldn’t they be harmful to humans?

Pesticides are also harmful to the environment. When they are applied to plants, pesticides travel outside of their intended area through soil, water, or air. Pesticides often make their way into groundwater, which can kill fish or other water creatures and contaminate drinking water. Land animals, including humans, that drink this contaminated water can also be harmed. Pesticides can throw the entire ecosystem off balance!

Overall, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers do more harm than good. While they may protect plants from insects or fungi, they also contaminate the plant and make it more harmful for human consumption and contaminate the surrounding environment.

When you’re purchasing essential oils, make sure they are organic and have not been treated with synthetic pesticides to ensure that they are of the safest and best quality!