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CBD Oil or Capsules - Which Is Right For You?

CBD Oil or Capsules - Which Is Right For You?

CBD Oil or Capsules - Which Is Right For You?

by Molly McCarthy

CBD can be used in a few different ways, the two most efficient ways to consume it are in the form of an oil or capsules. The consumer will experience CBD’s benefits either way he or she chooses to consume it, but there are some differences depending on the method of consumption.

CBD Oil vs. Capsules

Both CBD oil and capsules are taken orally, however the CBD oil is dispensed sublingually from a dropper, while capsules are swallowed just like any other pill or supplement.

CBD oil works the fastest when placed under the tongue and left to sit for a few seconds because it is absorbed by the capillaries in the mouth and enters the bloodstream quickly. When taken sublingually, the effects of CBD oil can typically be felt in 15-20 minutes.

On the other hand, CBD capsules are swallowed and enter the digestive system and the liver, so they take longer to work. It generally takes 1 to 2 hours to feel the effects of CBD after it is ingested. However, while CBD capsules may take longer to kick in than CBD oil, the effects can also last longer!

Since CBD capsules are metabolized in the liver, they tend to be broken down by liver enzymes. This is known as “first pass effect.” When mixed with a fatty acid like MCT coconut oil, CBD is broken down less and its bioavailability increases. It can also reach more receptors because it passes through the digestive system and liver.

Which is Right for You?

Both CBD oil and CBD capsules are extremely beneficial, but each one is best for different situations. Since CBD oil gets to work quickly, it is useful for more immediate relief from things like anxiety or pain. For example, if you are just beginning to feel panic setting in, CBD oil may be a good route to take.

On the other hand, taking a CBD capsule in the morning can help support your endocannabinoid system all day long! If you are looking for long acting therapeutic effects, CBD capsules may be the right route to take.

Some users may also choose to take a capsule in the morning and keep CBD oil on hand for emergencies!

About Alive Market CBD Capsules

Similar to Alive Market’s CBD oil, the CBD capsules contain 70%+ full spectrum CBD derived from hemp cultivated with living soil practices. The CBD distillate is then mixed with MCT oil and packaged in a vegetarian capsule.

The recommended dosage of CBD capsules is one capsule once or twice a day to will  support your endocannabinoid system and help you achieve optimal wellness. Formore severe conditions, one can take 2-6 capsules per day.